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Shoot Like A Pro- 2-Day Hands-On Dental Photography Course

Whether you want to document your patients’ treatments, create portfolios for marketing, or enhance your presentations for your lectures, taking good photographs is essential to achieve your goals. We are delighted to host Miladinov Milos, one of the true master in dental photography, to teach you the best practices and techniques.

“My promise is to make a dentist’s and technician’s life much easier when it comes to dental photography. The process will be simplified to allow participants to achieve professional level dental photography, in order to allow them into greater levels of photographic proficiency. The course provides a comprehensive hands on mix of technical equipment use, intra oral photography, close-up, laboratory, cross polarisation, portrait and artistic shooting for marketing.” – Miladinov Milos

The 2-day course provides a comprehensive hands-on mix of technical equipment use, intraoral, close-up, laboratory, cross polarization, portrait and artistic shooting for marketing.

Theoretical part

  • Equipment for dental photography
  • Settings for dental photography
  • Calibrating camera & lens for dental photography
  • Marketing & Facebook thru photography

Hands-On & Tips & Tricks part

  • Intraoral photography
  • Shade & Color in dentistry
  • Cross polarisation photography
  • Laboratory photography

Portraits & Close-ups in dentistry Hands-On part

  • Close-up photography Lips & Smiles
  • B&W portraits artistic
  • Headshots & Portraits with black and white background
  • Artistic photography and how to create posters for your clinic or lab
  • How to create posters, flyers and marketing material

Course Dates

Postpone- Date will be announced soon


Course Agenda


Miladinov Milos is the owner of the first dental photography brand “Shoot Like A Pro” that is dedicated entirely to specific  professional photography for dentist and dental technicians www.dentalphotography.or.

  • Owner of Digital Lab www.dentaltech.or.
  • Key opinion leader Ivoclar Vivadent.
  • Represent companies like EXOCAD, Rentferd, Shera, Jakobi, Harvest Dental, Wieland.
  • Owner of the international training center in Europe 
  • Website:
  • Member of Digital Dentist Society.
  • Founder of Full Digital Workflow Study Club.


2-day hands-on course:

  • $1495 [to be announced]
  • $1695  [to be announced]

'The Forum' Conference Room

The course is held at our state-of-the-art conference room in Bethesda MD.

4825 Bethesda Avenue
Suite 302
Bethesda, MD 20814

Telephone: 240.802.2874


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  • 2-Days hands-on dental photography course