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About University

University is our peer-to-peer forum program providing each members opportunity to discuss advanced treatments through case presentation, treatment planning, and review of various treatment options and approaches.

You will join a group of 6-8 clinicians who meet every 1-2 months for a round table discussion and case presentations. A forum moderator presents complex cases with X-rays, models, and other diagnostics information to the group. Each member will ask questions on the case and begin to form treatment plan options discussed individually and as a group. Each clinician will present their rational for their recommended treatment and how they would approach it.

Meetings Format

The meetings will be 3 hours in duration and will take place at The Forum. Each group will consist of 6-8 clinicians led by one or two forum leaders / moderators. The format is actual case presentations and discussions reviewing photos, X-rays, models, and other diagnostic information. We will discuss clinical and X-ray findings and present treatment options aligned with patient’s chief complaint. Each member will have the opportunity to ask questions on the case and formulate their next steps in creating a treatment plan.

We’ll discuss aesthetic and functional implications and how each multi-disciplinary intervention will influence decisions. Other topics of discussion include treatment sequence, choice of materials, risk factors, health factors, and alternative options.
Finally, we’ll discuss case presentation and acceptance strategies for optimal conversion. Each member will share their recommendations based on their experiences.


The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make in The Future of Your Practice & Life

Tuition: $250 / Month


  • 6-8 meetings a year
  • Online access to cases updates
  • Titanium membership to (full access)
  • Annual one-day symposium for all members


As member of the university program, you will have an opportunity to spend a full day with one of the top masters in dentistry at their office / facility. Come as part of your own forum or with members of other forum:

  • Presentation by the top master
  • Direct interaction with the top master
  • Ask questions, watch procedures
  • Learn about their clinical approach, laboratory process, and how they practice on daily basis.

Cost: $2500 per clinician. Includes:

  • One night hotel
  • Food for day-long program
  • Transportation for the group to and from airport
  • Airfare not included