Implant Care Practitioner Training Program: Level 2

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Evidences about the oral systemic link declare an adequate dentition as medically necessary for quality of life. According to the American College of Prosthodontics, more ...


Everyday Dentistry Full Digital Workflow


Our guest speaker, Miladinov Milos will be joining us live from Romania. He is the founder of Dental Pro Master Laboratory. He will discuss the ...


Complex Case Discussion Series


Series: Complex Case Discussion Series Topic: Peri-Implant Tissue Reconstruction And Replacement of an Esthetically Failing Dental Implant Presenters: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi & Dr. Keith ...

Complex Case Discussion Series- February 2021


In this Complex Case Discussion Series, Drs. Kazemi, Gray, and Sagafi discuss treatment options in a patient who suffered traumatic loss of central incisor and ...