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The value of daily & weekly huddles during COVID-19 and forever  


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19/05/2020 6:35 am  

Daily huddle is an integral part of any organization, company or practice, to help team members get updates on what's up for the day. During COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery phase, this daily huddle is about as important as our PPE, patient communication, and treatment protocols. There are so many new challenges and solutions and we want to make sure everyone on our team is informed and doing what they need to do to stay on top. We have been using a great tool for our daily and weekly huddle that is being offered for free at this time. It is called Align ( We use this for a 15 minute daily huddle using their daily huddle feature and for a 1 hour weekly huddle one day a week. We assign tasks, set up goals, and measure the task delivery - as well as keeping everyone accountable by keeping it visible. Here is the link to try the free version offered during COVID-19 pandemic.

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