Roles of Forum Leaders

Our team of forum leaders is a selected group of dental clinicians represented from all specialties. They have demonstrated a passion for teaching and sharing information to help other dentists learn and grow.

The roles of forum leader include:

  • Post cases in the ‘Hangout’ forum
  • Moderate relevant cases posted by others in the ‘Hangout’ forum
  • Contribute content in forms of posts, case reports, videos, articles, courses, or live narrowcasts
  • Mentor through our ‘Mentor Connect’ program

As a forum leader, you will:

  • Receive invitation to present at various teaching programs
  • Receive honorarium for speaking engagements
  • Have contributor access to website content
  • Have the opportunity to use The Forum for discounted rental fee to provide your own courses


As a forum leader, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Enhance your brand as a leader in the field
  2. Increase online exposure to potential patients
  3. Earn 40% of fees generated from your online courses
  4. Earn honorarium for personal mentoring through ‘Mentor Connect’ program
  5. Get speaker invitations
  6. Complimentary access to all contents

Mentor Connect Program

The hallmark benefit of Titanium membership level for our users is the ‘Mentor Connect’ program. Our Titanium level members have the opportunity to connect to any of our forum leaders for personal interaction, conversation, case reviews, and questions. This is a unique opportunity for dentists to interact personally with top clinicians from around the world.

You will earn $200/hour.

Here is how it works:

  1. Members will enroll in the ‘Mentor Connect’ Program and  select their desired time block option
  2. They will then have access to ‘Mentor Connect’ page where they can select from the list of our forum leaders.
  3. Following completion of  ‘Mentor Connect’ reservation form, notifications are sent to member and the selected forum leader to coordinate a time for interaction.
  4. You will receive the honorarium following completion of the 10-hour mentoring.

Become a Forum Leader