Innovations in Implant Dentistry
& Tissue Management

Innovations in Implant Dentistry & Tissue Management Your Patients Would Want to Know

What do ‘pink-free’, ‘PETology’, ‘Digital Implant Dentistry’, ‘Soft Tissue Training’, and ‘peri-implantitis management’ have in common? Fresh and innovative perspectives in dentistry your patients would want to know. We are delighted to invite you to a day-program discussing 5 hot topics in dentistry:

  • No-Bone-Cut-Down Pink-Free Full-Arch Treatments
  • PETology
  • Total Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry
  • Training The Soft Tissue
  • Managing Peri-implantitis
Participants Will Learn:
  • How to deliver full arch treatments without bone / tissue reduction delivering pink-free restorations
  • Preservation of tissue through partial extraction therapy (PET)
  • Learn about advances in digital workflow in surgical and restorative treatments
  • How to train soft tissue for ideal emergence phenomenon and restoration aesthetics and function
  • Advances in prevention and management of peri-implantitis


Fee:  Complimentary

CE: 6






Date & Time

When: November 16, 2019

Time: 900 AM –3:00 PM


Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Bethesda, MD

Location: The Forum

The course will be held at our state-of-the-art conference room in Bethesda, MD.

4825 Bethesda Avenue
Suite 302
Bethesda, MD 20814

Telephone: 240.802.2874

Email: [email protected]