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DC Forum

DC Forum is our signature study club offering 5 meetings a year specifically designed for restorative dentists (general dentist and prosthodontist), endodontists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists. The programs are given by Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi and other guest speakers on a range of topics in implant and aesthetic dentistry. Membership is highly recommended to have reserved seating and receive other benefits listed below. Non-members may register for any meetings per space availability.

MasterMind Series

The MasterMind Forum series is our continuum program with Hexad method of education at its core. It is our most comprehensive and deeply engaging education program designed to take clinicians on a journey to mastery. Unlike most dental continuing education programs that take you through didactic and possibly a hands-on component, the MasterMind continues to move you forward through observations, live procedures, and close mentorship over a long period of time to help you reach your goals. This will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Master Classes

Our master classes are evening or daily programs covering specific topics in dentistry and are designed to advance the participants in certain disciplines. Clinical topics range from restorative, surgical, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic, oral pathology & medicine, radiology, and pediatric dentistry. Others cover topics in practice management, digital communication, dental technology, photography, and videography. In-addition, there will be events on marketing, online strategies, website design, social media, and practice growth.

Online Courses

Our online courses offer members an opportunity to engage and learn from anywhere in the world. These courses cover range of topics in dentistry and are given by leaders in their respective fields. Access: $20-$35 per course

Live Narrowcasts

Join dentists from around the globe during our live narrowcasts of lectures and demonstrations on a range of topics. Watch it live or should you miss it, catch the recorded version later.


Take Your Skills and Practice To New Levels of Success

Join The Facialart Dental Forum University and see how our approach in dental education will transform your personal and professional life and take your practice to its fullest potential. Meet with 6-8 other clinicians every 1-2 months for intense and in-depth case discussion, treatment planning, and and learn how to manage complex dental treatments.

Join the Top 10% of Dentists Who Think and work at This Level of Mastery.