Dental Implant MasterMind Series

Dental Implant MasterMind series is a surgeon-restorative dentist collaborative program engaged solely in higher education in implant dentistry. The program discusses innovations, basic and advanced principles in aesthetic and reconstructive implant dentistry, surgical topics, prosthetic principles, digital dentistry, materials, laboratory procedures, and team approach in achieving remarkable results. Other topics include treatment plan acceptance strategies, inter- and intra-office communication, staff training, effective marketing strategies, and implant business development.

Bone Grafting MasterMind Series

Tissue grafting MasterMind series provides in-depth knowledge base and skills for the development of implant sites by performing a range of hard and soft tissue grafting procedures. Tissue grafting techniques for correction of both horizontal and vertical deficiencies are presented along with a comprehensive review of grafting materials. Hard tissue grafting topics include block grafts, onlay bone grafting, inter-positional bone grafting, GBR techniques, sinus lift bone grafting, osteogenesis distraction, and titanium mesh approaches. Soft tissue grafting techniques presented include connective tissue grafting, use of allogeneic materials in soft tissue augmentation, techniques for increasing tissue thickness and zone of keratinized gingiva, and management in the aesthetic zone.


Mastermind series on extraction and site bone graft techniques: Programs include atraumatic extraction techniques, partial extraction therapy, root extraction techniques, site preservation and augmentation techniques, and use of biologics in enhancing healing.