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We all love to talk from the heart! No secrets. No agenda. No layers!

Welcome to ‘Unplugged’ where we are going to talk from heart. We’ll share our every day experiences doing what we love most. We’ll talk about patients and explore what is important to them. We’ll present cases that thought us a thing or two. We’ll give our opinions on techniques, materials, and products and share our experiences. We’ll talk to other experts in the field and bring their experience and perspective to the table. And dig a litter deeper in topics relevant to dental professionals. 


What's On Our Tray? Full Episodes

Featuring reviews of products, instruments, techniques, tools, and everything else that we use in our everyday practice. We’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t, our results, and our experiences to help you make the right choices and achieve the results you want.

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Complex Case Discussions Series: Full Episodes

Presentation of multi-disciplinary complex cases discussing diagnostics, treatment planning, and treatment execution. With commentaries, questions, options, and everything else in between, we’ll discuss the treatment process and outcome! We’ll also discuss various complications and lessons learned. Case presentations include restorative, surgical, endodontic, periodontic, orthodontics, and pediatrics disciplines.

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