Watkins / Kazemi / Sagafi
The Central Lateral Dilemma
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The Central Lateral Dilemma

Replacement of missing central and lateral incisors comes with unique challenges in achieving an aesthetic outcome. Bone and soft tissue deficiency along with availability of space can impact the treatment options: Type of bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation, space management through orthodontics, number of implants, type of transitional prosthesis, and approaches in both provisional and final restoration. In this debate-style presentation, we will discuss the restorative, surgical, and orthodontic principles when managing missing central and lateral incisors.

Participants will learn:

  • Treatment plan strategies to achieve an aesthetic outcome
  • How to manage necessary space through orthodontics
  • Restorative principles in transitional, provisional, and final restoration design
  • Current surgical approaches in designing hard and soft tissue for implant replacement