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Implant Care Practitioner
Training Program

About Implant Care Practitioner Program

The dental implant surgical and restorative markets are forecasted to reach 12.32 billion by 2021. Such substantial industry growth indicates that many dental hygienists will encounter patients with implant dentistry within their clinical practice. With the increased incidence of peri-implant diseases, studies have indicated the maintenance phase to be the most important aspect for long term success. While protocols for implant maintenance remain unclear, the role of the dental hygienist in the preservation of peri-implant tissues has been recognized internationally. A 2015 consensus report published by the 10th European Consensus Conference (EuCC) addressing peri-implant inflammation acknowledged that detection and prevention of peri-implant diseases is contingent upon the diagnostic and therapeutic skill of the clinician.

The ICP training program at Facialart Dental Forum is the first of its kind providing hygienists the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain patients with dental implants healthy and manage those with both early and advanced peri-implant disease. The mastermind behind implant care practitioner is Shavonne Healy, the director of the training program at Facialart Dental Forum. The program is provided in three levels over the course of 1 year.

The implant care practitioner certification requires completion of all three levels. Participants may take any of the three levels by themselves receiving only continuing education credit but not the certification.

Implant Care Practitioner- Level 1

The ICP Level 1 course is a multifaceted hands-on program which explores the fundamentals of laser science, periodontal endoscopy, subgingival powder streaming with glycine powder and instrumentation in the non-surgical treatment of peri-implant and periodontal diseases. Working with simulation exercises, this workshop is designed to build confidence and gain clinical understanding for dental hygienists’ in the delivery of advanced treatment protocols.

Upon the completion of this program through lecture, participation, and discussion, participants will achieve the following:

  • Understand etiology and identify factors associated with peri-implant diseases.
  • Understand implant surface characteristics and prosthesis design.
  • Discuss the use of treatment aids, such as lasers, periodontal endoscopy, and subgingival powder streaming therapies for enhanced clinical results.
  • Describe and understand soft-tissue lasers, their characteristics, and applications
  • Recognize periodontal endoscopy as a standard of care for treatment of moderate to advance periodontal and peri-implant diseases.
  • Recognize the role of the Implant Care Practitioner (ICP)  and Implant Care Coordinator (ICC) as valuable members of the dental implant team
  • Learn how the dental hygiene profession can collaborate to better serve the population of patients with advanced implant dentistry.
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Implant Care Practitioner- Level 2

The ICP-Level 2 program discusses a range of complications in implant dentistry, prevention strategies, diagnostic, and management modalities. It also provides participants with advanced knowledge on full-arch treatments and specific hygiene requirements of this group of patients. Participants will learn through a multi-disciplinary perspective reviewing surgical, restorative, laboratory, and maintenance phases of implant dentistry as well as solutions to complications.

Upon the completion of this program through lecture, participation, case presentations and discussion, participants will achieve the following:

  • Recognize complications involving single, multiple, and full arch cases.
  • Understand peri-implant soft and hard tissue deficiencies.
  • Discuss the dental hygienists role in the post operative care of regeneration procedures.
  • Learn about treatment modalities for the maintenance of edentulous patients with advanced implant dentistry.
  • Discuss patient management principles.
  • Learn about communication modalities for the conversion of prospective implant patients to case acceptance.
  • Introduce the role of the Implant Care Practitioner (ICP)  and Implant Care Coordinator (ICC) as valuable members of the dental implant team
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Implant Care Practitioner- Level 3

The ICP-Level 3 program takes participants to the digital world of implant dentistry. It discusses advanced digital techniques in diagnostics and planning vital to prevention of over 90% of complications in implant dentistry. It is proven that implant dentistry using conventional analog techniques leads to poorly positioned implants, compromised aesthetics, functional complications, and peri-implant disease. Through digital workflow, presented at this program, participants will learn how implant treatments can be planned and executed with high degree of predictability and success.

Upon the completion of this program through lecture, participation, case presentations and discussion, participants will achieve the following:

  • Learn about digital workflow in implant dentistry for optimal planning and treatment execution
  • Understand cone beam CT scan, how to obtain, interpret, and share data
  • Learn optical scanning techniques for both surgical and restorative treatments
  • Learn how to merge the data for computer-assisted planning
  • Understand digital implant planning and surgical guide design
  • Learn how to fabricate surgical guides using 3-D printers

Program dates will be announced soon

Program Dates

ICP- Level 1

November 2-3, 2019

ICP- Level 2

March 7-8, 2020

ICP- Level 3

To Be Announced

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