Complex Case Discussion Series: S1

S1:E1- Management of a Fractured and Avulsed Central Incisor and Trauma to Other Anterior teeth

S1:E1- Patients with traumatic injuries to the anterior teeth often require surgical, endodontic, and restorative treatments in a coordinated and orderly fashion. In this 'Complex Case Discussion Series' program,  Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, Dr. Flavio Rasetto, Dr. Pirooz Zia, and Dr. Reza Farshey discuss a patient with fractured central incisor and trauma to upper anterior teeth following a bike accident. The team discuss a multi-disciplinary treatment approach with relevant diagnostics, planning, and treatment rational.

S1:E3- Implications of Post-Traumatic Loss of Inter-septal Bone in the Aesthetic Outcome

S1:E3- In this episode of Complex Case Discussion Series, Drs. Kazemi, Gray, and Sagafi discuss treatment options in a patient who suffered traumatic loss of central incisor and adjacent bone and soft tissue with recession involving the adjacent lateral incisor. The panelists will discuss the restorative, surgical, and orthodontic concepts in restoring missing tooth and tissue for optimal aesthetic outcome.

S1:E4- The Perfect Storm for a Full-Arch Treatment Failure

Biologically incompatible, anatomically inappropriate, and functionally disastrous- These terms summarize the full-mouth dental implant treatment provided to a patient who suffered significant infection and loss of all dental implants, restoration, and supporting bone and soft tissue. In this ‘Complex Case Discussion Series’ episode, The panelists, Dr. Kazemi and Dr. Bonilla, describe the sequence on how this complication occurred, patient’s initial presentation, and how the he was managed in a staged approach. We’ll describe the steps in managing the infection, restoring missing bone and gum tissue, and eventually providing him with a proper fixed implant-supported full arch restoration.

S1:E6- A Patient's 20-Year Journey

In this episode, Dr. Kazemi and Dr. Lomke present a 20-year journey of a patient with missing upper anterior teeth. They describe and compare the treatment strategies from the old to the new and evolving principles in tissue regeneration and restorative techniques.