Meet Our Current Sponsors

Sponsorship Benefits

Thank you for your interest to become a sponsor for Facialart Dental Forum. We recognize the importance of a strong relationship between dental professionals and companies that support us and we would be delighted to have you join us. Sponsorship will provide you with interaction with our members onsite and online. With sponsorship you will have the following benefits:

  1. Interaction with our members
  2. Showcase your products
  3. Educational opportunities
  4. Participation with hands-on programs
  5. Acknowledgement on our website and all program materials

Evening Meetings

Onsite Meetings:

Webinar / Online Programs Sponsorships:

Our webinars, ranging from 30 minutes to 2-hour programs, are broadcasted from our Facialart Dental Forum studio. Sponsorship fees:

  • Each individual program: $750
  • Complex Case Discussion Series and What’s on Our Tray Podcasts: $1500 per episode

DC Forum Sponsorship:

DC Forum holds 5 evening meetings for each educational calendar year: $2500 (for all 5 meetings) 









1-3 Day Courses

MasterClass and MasterMind Programs:Sponsorship:

  • 1-day events: $1500
  • 2-day events: $2500
  • 3-day events: $3500


  • Table at meeting
  • Acknowledgement at podium
  • Acknowledgement in course material
  • Acknowledgement in website
  • Sole product representation

Website Advertisement

Website advertisement: $250 / Month


  • Logo and company information on main page
  • Company page with product and contact information
  • Opportunity to feature new products

Company-Sponsored Programs

We offer opportunities for any company to hold an educational program at our facility and introduce their products and services to our members.

We provide:

  1. Facility
  2. Invitation and member registrations
  3. Website update on the program
  4. Event management and support
  5. Post-event communication with company / sponsor contact information

The company / sponsor provides:

  1. The speakers
  2. Content for their own educational program
  3. Food & beverage
  4. Sponsorship fee (Cover facility rental, support team for program announcement and registration, and support team for event management:)
    • Evening programs: $1500
    • Full day programs: $3500

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