Bone Grafting

Osteogenesis Distraction & Onlay Graft

A case report describing a patient with 3-dimensional bone deformity requiring both vertical and horizontal site development for proper implant placement and restoration. Osteogenesis and onlay graft techniques are discussed.

Patient review: Antonio talks about his dental implant experience

In this video, Antonio shares his experience about replacement of his missing teeth with dental implants, the treating dentists, and our office. He had lost two of his lower molars since teenage years. He was recommended dental implants as the ideal replacement option. First, he required orthodontic treatment to create adequate space and then bone grafting was done to augment the bone that had been lost following extractions. Finally two implants were placed, one on each side, providing support for single crowns. This provided him with a good bite and ability to eat his favorite food.

Bone Regeneration / Grafting and Dental Implants

Dental implants success depends on many factors including patient health, proper diagnosis and treatment planning, team approach between the oral surgeon, restorative dentist, and other team members, as well as normal and healthy bone where implants are placed. This podcast reviews techniques used to correct a three dimensional jaw bone defect to allow proper positioning of dental implants and bridge.