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Build Your Practice Foundation

Being an entrepreneur — because, after all, that is what an independent doctor or dentist is — can be challenging, but it can also be a gratifying personal experience. Clearly, you have worked hard to get where you are in your practice, made enormous investments, and spent a lot of time.

The first step is building a strong foundation for your practice. We offer various tools, training, and coaching to help you overcome some of the common challenges of setting up a new office or growing an existing one, just by helping you establish a proper foundation.

Growing Your Practice

Growth is essential to longevity and health of a practice. Our growth strategies will help you attract the right type of patients, increase your overall production, and sustain a consistent growth over time.

Growing Your Dental Implant Practice

Surprisingly, the strategies for growing an implant practice are quite simple and easily implementable in any office. But it requires a commitment to a structured system. Many successful dental practices routinely offer dental implants as the primary tooth replacement option for their patients. Whether you are an established clinician or a dentist just getting started, you too can take your implant practice to new heights.

Our step-by-step program

Dr. Kazemi has designed a step-by-step program to help build your dream implant practice. He will provide you with the necessary training, educational tools, and communication strategies to increase your case acceptance and number of implant patients. This in-depth program covers the many dimensions required to build a thriving implant practice:

  • Office set-up
  • Team training and knowledge
  • Diagnosis and planning
  • Surgical techniques and staging
  • Prosthetic-guided implant planning
  • Prosthetic techniques
  • CT-guided implant dentistry
  • Team approach with your surgeon and laboratory
  • Implant case acceptance
  • Patient communication
  • Effective educational tools
  • Marketing that works

Create a Remarkable Patient Experience Cycle

A satisfied patient is one who is very happy with your service, care, and value. A loyal patient is one who loves your service and will remain your patient for a long time to come; someone who will tell his or her family, friends, and colleagues about you and your practice. Loyal patients are vital to your office and play a central role in the growth of your practice.

Customer loyalty is the growth factor in all kinds of service-related industries. For instance, hotels are no longer looking to have merely satisfied guests. They are reaching out to develop loyal guests who believe in the company, employees, and service and will go out of their way — and even pay more — to stay there.

It is fine to have satisfied customers or patients. That is something for which we should all strive in order to build successful practices. But the strategies for successful practices and growing practices are different. If you want to grow your practice, you must cultivate loyal patients.

This begins by building your practice on strong foundations with clearly defined goals, vision, and mission. It requires a focused practice that offers treatments you are passionate about and that you perform better than anyone else. It also takes the right team behind you, as well as clear systems and protocols, to create a culture that supports and fuels your growth. Lastly, you need relationships with specialists who are aligned with your vision and collaborate closely with you to help create and sustain customer loyalty. That is where we come in.

Finding and Retaining Top Talents

You have made great sacrifices and investments in your new office and hiring the wrong staff will cause more damage and loss of opportunities that any other factor. Your team is crucial in helping you achieve your goals and dreams. But how do you find the right person? What is a right person for you? How do you discover the true strengths of potential applicants and avoid the wrong person who will be very costly to you?

We have been following specific techniques in finding the right people as utilized by many successful companies. These techniques have allowed us to find the right person, in the right position, on the right team, going to the right destination.

Dr. Kazemi can share these techniques and protocols to help you find the right people that will save you enormous amount of wasted time, resources, and money.

Contemporary Multi-Media Marketing

Public relations and marketing are important components for any dentist starting a new practice. You are looking for new patients and you must market yourself and your practice in order to attract them. However, financial resources may be limited at this time, and advertising may have already proven ineffective (as is very often the case). The new rules of PR and marketing must be understood and followed for success in today’s world of information overload. Internet technology has spurred amazing marketing and growth for many practices…and it costs absolutely nothing.

Dr. Kazemi has evaluated many marketing campaigns and developed a program for maximum return on investment. This program builds on what is unique and special about your practice and shows you ways to match your unique offerings to the niche patients who are looking for them.

Getting Things Done (Execution Strategies)

Execution strategies help you get things done. Whether it is improving your practice operations, completing projects, or achieving growth, proper execution is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Coaching Services to Get Your Practice to the Next Level

We offer full and modular coaching services to meet your specific needs. Call us at 301-654-7070 or complete the form below to request a complimentary consultation.